Landmark releases official combat trailer

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|09.07.14

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Landmark releases official combat trailer
You've heard the hype involving Landmark's new action combat system introduced last week, but have you seen it? Nothing compares to actually laying your own eyes it. Now thanks to the official combat trailer, you can do that whether you are in closed beta or not. Watch how weapons either slice up the environment and foes alike up close (sword) or rain death down from a distance (staff and bow). All that action is packed into the short clip below.

Even if seeing is believing, nothing beats experiencing it for yourself. If the combat piques your interest, jump right in to give it a go yourself; you can test the combat out in one of these must-see PvP arenas or any one of the hundreds of others. Need a code? Let us know right here!

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