APB: Reloaded is working on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.09.14

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APB: Reloaded is working on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports
The resurrected APB: Reloaded is about to see if the console generation will embrace this cops vs. crooks title even more than the PC crowd. Game N Guide reports that Reloaded Games announced that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports are being designed for the game.

The studio said that it's aiming for a mid-2015 release but is struggling with both Microsoft and Sony, as those companies don't want players to be able to bring over created content without paying for it on the console platforms. Bjorn Book-Larsson said that the studio is seeing "incredible resistance from platform owners."

In other words, Reloaded Games would like APB to be truly cross-platform, whereas Microsoft and Sony would want the ports to be isolated within those consoles for financial gain.
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