Sunset Overdrive Season Pass hands over three DLCs

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A Season Pass for Sunset Overdrive includes the game's first three DLC packs, six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps, all bundled up for $20. The outfits, Amps and Traps will be available to Season Pass holders on launch day, October 28.

Two of the DLCs in the Season Pass are campaign add-ons with new locations, stories, bosses, weapons, Amps, Traps, outfits and challenges. The third bit of DLC is a weapons pack with four new weapons.

Sunset Overdrive is part of a $400 bundle that includes the super slick, white Xbox One, also out on October 28.
[Image: Insomniac Games]
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"Sunset Overdrive" Season Pass Unleashes New Gameplay, Weapons and Exclusive Content

Microsoft and Insomniac Games are excited to announce even more explosive action and mutant-infested mayhem for fans with the "Sunset Overdrive" Season Pass, available for purchase on Xbox Live and participating retailers at release.

Packed with exclusive content, the "Sunset Overdrive" Season Pass includes the first three complete Game Add-ons for "Sunset Overdrive," as well as six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps available exclusively to Season Pass purchasers as soon as the game is released.

The "Sunset Overdrive" Season Pass grants you:
· Two campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad* objectives!

· The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal!

· BONUS - six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

In total, the Season Pass delivers a massive amount of adventure and destruction: eight new devastating weapons, four deadly traps to deploy in Chaos Squad, four new Amps to unleash over-the-top mayhem, and 10 unique outfits for your character – all for $19.99 U.S. ERP, a savings of more than 20% compared to purchasing the three Game Add-ons individually.

Developed by Insomniac Games, "Sunset Overdrive" is a stylized open-world shooter filled with overpowered weapons, crazed mutants and a sprawling city full of carnage. Set in a futuristic metropolis called Sunset City, "Sunset Overdrive" transforms the mutant apocalypse into your tactical playground, immersing you in an action-packed experience as you grind, vault and wall-run across the city while using a devastating, unconventional arsenal. With hyper-agility, unique weapons, and customizable special abilities, "Sunset Overdrive" rewrites the rules of traditional shooters and delivers an explosive, irreverent, stylish, and totally unique adventure exclusively to Xbox One on October 28.
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