iPhone 5s and 5c get a £100 price drop

Matt Brian
M. Brian|09.10.14

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iPhone 5s and 5c get a £100 price drop

iPhone 5s Colours

Not really interested in Apple's new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? How about a smaller iPhone with an even smaller price tag? That's exactly what's on the table after Apple cut the price of an unlocked iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c by £100 each following yesterday's event. That means can now pick up a 16GB or 32GB iPhone 5s for £459 or £499 respectively, while the price of the more colourful iPhone 5c (8GB) has dropped to £319. Although the Apple Watch won't be available until the new year, the company has said iPhones from the 5c up will support the new wearable, meaning you won't miss out if you decide later that you want a smaller screen on your wrist.

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