SimCity lays foundations for new mobile game, 'coming soon'

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Sinan Kubba
September 10th, 2014
SimCity lays foundations for new mobile game, 'coming soon'
EA unveiled SimCity BuildIt this morning, an "all-new" iOS and Android entry in the metropolis-making franchise. Beyond a few screenshots and the mention of pinch, zoom and rotational controls, details are sparse at present. EA's overview page does note BuildIt is "coming soon" to iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets.

BuildIt is far from SimCity's mobile debut. An old-school SimCity Mobile was released in 2008, before it was taken down and replaced by the more modern SimCity Deluxe Mobile two years later. History may be repeating itself, because we weren't able to locate Deluxe Mobile on the Apple App Store or Google Play at the time of writing. Google Cache reveals it was available on Canada's App Store on August 31, but the link appears broken now.

We've reached out to EA for more details on SimCity BuildIt and the status of Deluxe Mobile.
[Image: EA]
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