Warlords of Draenor Beta: Monk and Warrior Changes

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|09.17.14

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Warlords of Draenor Beta: Monk and Warrior Changes
Last nigh Celestalon posted two interesting bits of information on the beta, one for mistweaver monks and the other for fury warriors. First we'll cover the mistweaver change - Renewing Mist is headed back to being somewhat of a smart heal.
Celestalon - Mistweaver Consolidated Feedback
Hey again. Wanted to pop back in and let you know about an upcoming change that we're making to help out with how unreliable Mistweaver AoE healing feels.
  • Renewing Mist will now jump to the lowest health target within 20 yards.
  • Still prioritizes targets that don't already have Renewing Mist on them over those that do.
  • Glyph of Renewing Mist now simply increases the max jump range to 40 yards.
It's important to note that this is a not an indication of us returning to having a lot of smart heals. But in this specific circumstance, we believe that it's the right course of action. This should ensure that Renewing Mist and Uplift healing is consistently effective, while still being uncontrolled.

I'm not a monk player, so I can only say I hope this is good news for y'all - it looks to me like it would be helpful. Also last night, Celestalon posted about a huge change to fury warriors - Colossus Smash is now an arms only ability.

I'm not even going to pretend - this has been what I've wanted for fury all along. If you hate the change, well, you and I are in disagreement. Fury shouldn't be about pooling your rage and doling it out during a burst window.

Celestalon - Fury - Yep, we still hate it
Hey Fury Warriors.

There's no doubt that this beta has had quite a lot of turmoil for Fury. I'd like to talk about an upcoming change that is surely going to be controversial.

"A furious berserker wielding a weapon in each hand, unleashing a flurry of attacks to carve his opponents to pieces."

What sorts of gameplay do you think of when you read that description?

To us, it means "relentlessly dishing out attacks as fast as you're able". Not "conserving your resources to tactically use controlled attacks", which is more of Arms or Protection's style – Fury is all about pure, unbridled bloodlust.

We've had a lot of problems with the rotation and talent combinations, and most of it comes down to interactions with Colossus Smash. Fury's rotation is heavily influenced by Colossus Smash, almost entirely in ways that go completely against the true spirit of being a Fury Warrior. Colossus Smash very much epitomizes Arms' style, not Fury's. So, a long-term goal of ours has been to transition Fury out of Colossus Smash.

We had been planning to try to fix these rotational problems primarily with small changes over time (which we viewed as "bandaids" to some extent), and then eventually remove Colossus Smash. But, that would involve significant changes down the road, adding even more turmoil to the future of Fury. We'd rather get everything done now, instead of changing this up on you every couple of patches. So, we've decided to 'rip the bandaid off' now, so to speak. In the next build, you'll find that Colossus Smash is Arms-only.

This is not something we're doing lightly. We believe that the added complexity of the new talents will ensure that Fury stays engaging, and results in a theme-matching gameplay experience, where you're attacking in a frenzy, and reacting to procs. We'll be keeping an eye on whether the gameplay remains complex enough to satisfy players, and make changes to ensure that if need be. This is definitely more disruption, and we realize that you guys are looking for a stable platform to play on; we just think that it'll be better to get the whole disruption out of the way now, instead of doing some now, and then having to go through it all again in the future.

This is clearly a significant change to the core gameplay style of Fury. We know that some of you have grown to enjoy the pool + dump style of gameplay. And that's great; we think that pooling and dumping Rage and procs during the right time is a very solid gameplay style. But it's not the right style for Fury. We encourage those of you who really like this gameplay style to try out Arms and Gladiator (which is a fully-competitive DPS spec now). And we encourage Arms and Gladiator Warriors who disliked that gameplay to try out Fury as well. This is certainly going to result in some reshuffling of where many Warriors' preferred specs lay, and that's OK.

So these are the changes. It's true what they say - you can never count the beta over until it ends.

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