Norrathian Notebook: EverQuest Next round table roundup V

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|09.18.14

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Norrathian Notebook:  EverQuest Next round table roundup V
Norrathian Notebook:  EverQuest Next round table roundup V
Combat, combat, PvP. That can pretty well sum up a lot of Landmark's chatter recently. That's understandable, since it is the newest feature to hit the sandbox. But that is certainly not all there is to talk about. There are plenty of topics of interest that cover both EverQuest Next and Landmark, and a number of these are touched on in the regular roundtable discussions.

It's been quite a while since we've gathered these all up into one concise spot for you to peruse (so long that Landmark lost part of its name in the interim!), so here's the fifth installment of the roundtable roundup. Poke through this collection and check out what other players and devs are saying about various issues. You can even participate in many of the polls if you haven't yet and add your voice to the mix! Even if some topics seem old, remember that none is irrelevant; the games are both still under development, and player input is always a good thing.

32. Which aspects of the upcoming tree harvesting changes are you most interested in? (Landmark)

As gathering is always going to be a big part of Landmark, this issue will never fade into the background. Even when you account for player playstyle preference, if chopping trees is a drudgery that must be suffered through for everyone, then everyone will be pretty miserable.
  • Defeating monotony with better UI, randomized rewards and the hunt for rare trees.
  • Improving progression by adding more axes and making them actually matter.
  • Making it easier to build AND craft by adding tree rewards used only in crafting.
  • Stopping deforestation by giving fewer logs that make many planks.
  • None of the above, and let me tell you why! (reply on the forums).
Over half of those who've responded have opted for choice number one. If you've been in the game lately, what do you think of how lumberjacking is currently handled?

33. Which crafting system development discussion are you most excited to get involved with?

If you love crafting, then how crafting is handled is is of paramount importance to you.
  • Item Upgrading
  • Imbuing
  • Reinforcing
  • Refining Stations
Folks have overwhelmingly favored item upgrading as a focus of conversation.

34. In EQNext would you like to see claim ownership in the open world as it is in Landmark?

Here's a hot-button topic if there ever was one! How should housing work in EQN?
  • It would work exactly as it in in Landmark.
  • Only approved/upvoted structures should be allowed in the open world.
  • Only in designated "city" regions.
  • Nothing player-owned should be in the open world of EQN.
The city region restriction only has a 105% lead on the other choices, coming in with 35% of the vote. Some of the biggest concerns are in enforcing the immersion when it comes to the structures themselves; players are very much against running into spaceships while adventuring!

35. What combat play style do you want your Landmark Adventurer to have?

This question is interesting as a way to see what playstyles fellow Landmarkians prefer. Sadly, my choice -- the support role of healing -- isn't even an option. Which one best describes you?
  • I want to stay at range and lob arrows from a distance.
  • Staying one step ahead of my opponents and using magical evocations is the only way to play.
  • I want to slay opponents in a whirl of steel and acrobatics.
  • Sword and board until I die!
As it stands now, the assassin and mage types are pretty neck-and-neck in popularity. Knowing now how the current weapons work, would your choice change?

36. What are you most interested in participating in at SOE Live 2014?

OK, so this particular question is a bit irrelevant now. SOE Live is over, so any votes won't affect the planning there. However I do think it is very telling because this shows what people want to know about, not just at the convention but in general.
  • Big concept/general idea panels (PVP, AI, Combat, Classes, etc) on EverQuest Next.
  • Panels about upcoming additions to Landmark.
  • Workshop or Q&A sessions about EQN and/or Landmark.
  • Live Quests, Parties, Brunch, and other General Events.
I think it is pretty clear that fans are eager for more information specifically on EverQuest Next; a resounding 74% want more information on EQN.

37. What characters from the EQN Short Stories would you like to learn more about?

If lore is your cop of tea, this question will definitely interest you. Certain characters have already been introduced, but there's always more to learn. Which one just begs to be known better for you?
  • Ithiosar the Black
  • Neria Naldiir
  • Miragul Tah'Re
  • Lanys T'Vyl
Throughout the community as a whole, Ithiosar the Black and Lanys T'Vyl are the most clamored for, with 32% and 32% percent of the votes respectively.

38. What EverQuest Next locations would you like to learn more about?

Following on the heels of the characters, devs asked which location would be most interesting to learn about.
  • Lavastorm
  • Halas
  • The Feerrott
  • Ashfang
The votes for this one are all pretty close: Less than 1o% separates all the choices, but Lavastorm is leading the pack by a few votes.

39. Which of these nemeses of the EverQuest franchise would you like to terrorize the newbies of EQN?

Who says devs don't have a sense of humor? This poll asks players to chime in on which big NPC baddy should terrorize the young and level-less. Many players have fond memories of the first time they stumbled across these figures in their adventures in the previous games. Dying spectacularly to one of these is a right of passage that definitely should be passed on to the next generation of players!
  • Kizdean Gix
  • Sergeant Slate
  • Holly Windstalker
  • Ambassador D'Vinn
Currently Ambassador D'Vinn is winning. My personal experience was with Holly Windstalker, and I'd love to see others have to face the sheer terror of realizing she can destroy you with just a blink of an eye. Do you have a story involving these prominent figures? Please share it with us in the comments!

40. Which of these characters from the EverQuest franchise would you like to see in EQN?

Keeping with the same theme as the previous question, which character would you like to have included in the game (even if he or she won't be terrorizing you as newbie)?
  • Lucan D'Lere
  • Mayong Mistmoore
  • Antonia Bayle
  • Venril Sathir
Apparently my choice is the popular one: As of now, Mayong Mistmoore is leading the pack with 34% of the vote. Spooky FTW!

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