Falling Skies combats an invasion on September 30

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Falling Skies combats an invasion on September 30
Falling Skies: The Game, the turn-based alien invasion battler that takes place between the third and fourth season of TNT's similarly-named sci-fi drama, will pull strategists into the fight on September 30 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

Pre-orders placed at GameStop will expand the controllable roster to include Tom Mason, a central protagonist in Falling Skies and leader of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. Note that the Wii U and PC versions of Falling Skies will only be available via digital download, whereas the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will have disc-based counterparts.

Weekend Editor Sam Prell's E3 preview found intense similarities to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but noted Falling Skies' take on the playstyle seemed "shallow and uninspired."
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Falling Skies Goes Gold: The Espheni Descend In Little Orbit's Falling Skies: The Game

Repel The Alien Invasion On 360, PS3 & Via Digital Download On WiiU and Steam September 30th

When aliens invade the Earth, who will rise up to save humankind? Little Orbit, a worldwide video game publisher, today announced that the popular TNT sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, coming September 30th, has gone gold and is now in manufacturing. In addition, Little Orbit can now confirm that players who pre-order the game at Gamestop will receive a special in-game exclusive code which will allow them to access Tom Mason as a playable character. Set in the tense, gritty world of the critically-acclaimed series from DreamWorks Television, the tactical strategy RPG is chock full of aliens...but are they enemies, or allies?

Survival of the human race is at stake! In Falling Skies: The Game, players will dive into a world gone wrong and command a squad of recently-rescued survivors who have been recruited into the human resistance fighting to save the planet. The team will engage in covert tactical operations against the Espheni fighting to survive against alien invaders while also rescuing and recruiting survivors to the join the 2nd Mass. With addictive strategy-based gameplay, players will be immersed into the unique story line with all their favorite heroes from the show.

Espheni are everywhere! Crawlies are swarming – you'll need to use creative tactics to defeat them. Festering Crawlies are even worse – when they die they leave behind a toxic cloud. Even though they were once human, harnessed humans are now deadly automatons under the direct control of their Espheni masters, and will fight for the aliens. Even more disturbing are the Crusties who have lost their very humanity the harness that control them. Equipped with shotguns and grenades, they pose a significant threat among the Espheni's front line army.

Controlling these Harnessed Humans are the six-legged Skitters, their tough exoskeletons needing more than a normal bullet to take them down – watch for their vicious claws! Skitter Commanders are less common than regular Skitters; higher in the pecking order, they are capable of both buffing and directly commanding their allies in battle and firing deadly energy bolts at range.

Perhaps the most terrifying enemies are the Mechs: with their ability to negate cover with their Searchlights and damage reduction from all conventional weapons, it will take a creative squad to defeat these mechanical terrors. Mega Mech units are bigger, faster, stronger, and scarier than normal Mech units; with the abilities of the standard Mech class units, but capable of both delivering and withstanding more damage, they will require precision tactics to defeat!

Who are the Volm? Where did they come from? Are they truly here to help? Volm technology is unlocked late in the game, but will their advanced weaponry be enough to stem the tide of the Alien Invaders?

The game is rated T for Teen and will be available at a retail price of $39.99 on coming to Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3 and digital downloads available on WiiU™, Steam, PSN® and Xbox Live®.

Created by DreamWorks Television, TNT Productions and executive producer Steven Spielberg,
Falling Skies takes place in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the years since the initial invasion, the few survivors have banded together to begin the difficult task of fighting back and rebuilding their lives. Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also engaging in an insurgency against the occupying alien force. But the battle is just getting started.

Fans of the show can watch for exclusive media including screen shots and artwork on the official Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fallingskies and will be able to visit the official game website soon.
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