iPhone 6 camera quality compared to all other iPhone models

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Yoni Heisler
September 24th, 2014
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iPhone 6 camera quality compared to all other iPhone models

Size aside, the bevy of camera enhancements Apple has baked into the two iPhone 6 models really make both devices extraordinarily compelling. While there's nothing wrong with admiring the stunning photos made possible by the new iPhone cameras, one can gain an even greater appreciation for how far iPhone camera quality has come by comparing iPhone 6 photos against photos taken from previously released iPhone models.

And to that end, Lisa Bettany of Camera+ recently took it upon herself to test the iPhone 6 camera against seven other iPhone models. The visuals are fascinating, and the jump in quality, even from the 5 to the 6, is readily apparent. Bettany's full post pits the iPhone 6 against other iPhone models in a variety of shooting scenarios, including backlit environments, daylight shots, and more. One area where Apple has made huge strides is in lowlight photography. In that particular area, the iPhone 6 is represents a huge leap forward.

Make sure to check out Bettany's full post for the full breakdown of iPhone camera comparison shots.
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