Battle Chef Brigade creates Iron Chef and platforming emulsion

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Battle Chef Brigade creates Iron Chef and platforming emulsion
Cooking competitions Iron Chef and Top Chef cross over into the realm of a fantastical fantasy platformer in Battle Chef Brigade. Developed by Trinket Games, a band of digital cooks made up of vets from Disney Interactive's Wideload Games, Battle Chef Brigade recently blew by its Kickstarter goal of $38,000.

The game finds players participating in a cooking competition, where they will experience the ultimate farm-to-table preparation techniques. That is, they must go out and farm the monsters themselves, then slice, dice, season and prepare the meal with magic for a panel of expert judges. A la cadabra cuisine!

Battle Chef Brigade still has 26 days left on its Kickstarter and the team plans to announce stretch goals shortly. The game is currently scheduled for early 2016 for PC, Mac and Linux.

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