Slidely Show lets you combine media to make nice video slideshows

Among slideshow creation apps for iOS, Slidely Show is a good one, allowing you to make a slideshow movie presentation without making almost any adjustments. It's completely automatic, allowing you only to choose the music, and then you can watch the show be assembled on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Photos can come from your iOS device, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. Select some music you already have stored on your device, and the app assembles the slideshow. You can combine video clips in with your photos, and optionally add slow or fast motion effects.

Trying Slidely Show on my iPhone 6, I thought it worked surprisingly well. Transitions were in the form of crossfades, and at the end of the created movie the music faded away rather than ending abruptly as I've seen happen with some other slideshow apps.

This latest version of Slidely Show also lets you create video postcards direct from your camera roll. That capability uses the extensions feature Apple added to iOS 8. Pick a photo from the collection on your phone, select Slidely Show as a destination, and then you can change themes, add more photos and choose music without ever opening the Slidely app. It's a very nice implementation that shows just how powerful extensions can be.

Your slideshow movies can be shared via mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can also browse other slideshows created by others and get some good ideas, or upload yours publicly as a way of sharing your ideas.

Slidely Show is very good for a quick and dirty slideshow to send off to friends or family. One glitch I noticed: a movie I created was cropped when I viewed it on my older iPad 2, so obviously the clip did not adjust to the proper resolution and screen size

Slidely Show is a clever app and for free it's a must-try if you share photos frequently. It really is free; there are no irritating in-app purchases. The app is universal and requires iOS 8. It's available in several languages.