Path of Exile shows off a prototype Grandmaster battle

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.08.14

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Path of Exile shows off a prototype Grandmaster battle
It's like PvP, except it's PvE.
The Hall of Grandmasters in Path of Exile, the home of characters that have ascended beyond the mortal realm, will be a place for players to go and admire the best of the best. And by "admire" I of course mean "kill." A new video has been released by the developers showing an early prototype match between a Grandmaster and a player character, with the former having a combat style best described as "what players do, taken to 11."

Of course, this is just an early prototype, as the finished version is supposed to feature players fighting against several of these foes at once, complete with jets of flame roasting characters from every conceivable angle. You can check out the video just past the break; there's still no release date for this feature, but the developers are happy with how it's been turning out.

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