Report: Sony to ship 200K PS4s to China by December

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Report: Sony to ship 200K PS4s to China by December
Sony plans on bringing 200,000 PS4 systems to China by December, Bloomberg reports. The number comes from a filing on the Chinese (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone website, which reportedly notes that Sony intends on shipping that many consoles to the region on an annual basis. Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Masaki Tsukakoshi confirmed the report with Bloomberg and noted that the actual PS4 production amounts may vary.

This follows news of Microsoft's relative success in China, as it reportedly sold 100,000 Xbox One consoles in its introductory week. Microsoft is the first to bring an official foreign console to China in 14 years since the government lifted its console ban in January. China issued a new set of rules for foreign video game and console sales in April, one of which requires that companies work with a China-based partner. Sony paired with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group in May to bring the PS4 to the country.
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