FBI director thinks Apple's data encryption is too secure

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Mike Wehner
October 13th, 2014
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FBI director thinks Apple's data encryption is too secure
The FBI has been rather vocal lately about how it views efforts by Apple and other tech giants to make your data more secure. In short, they don't like it. Not one bit. The latest in the U.S. government's remarks about why your data should be less private comes from FBI director James Comey, who spoke at length with 60 Minutes about how horribly dangerous the internet is and why nobody should ever go there, even for a gallon of milk.

Comey's stance is that by making iOS and Android as secure as possible, Apple and Google are actually allowing criminals a safe haven. He even goes so far as to compare unbreakable data encryption to "an apartment that could never be entered, even by law enforcement."

The problem, of course, is that if a system like iOS is capable of being breached by an government agency, it is also feasible that an individual with less noble intentions could do the same. When a company like Apple pushes for greater data security, it isn't doing so to protect criminals, it's doing so to protect the 99% of its users who aren't criminals. Whether sacrificing the privacy of those 99% in order to catch the real "bad guys" is worth it will continue to be debated for a long, long time.
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