Chivalry: Medieval Warfare set for an October bloodfest

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare set for an October bloodfest
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare should be out on Xbox 360 ready for some Halloween knight-time fun, at least according to a new trailer and Xbox Marketplace listing. Going by the listing, Torn Banner's multiplayer close-combat chaos is available to download on October 28, while a new Xbox-published trailer pins the date as October 29. Who to believe, hmm?

In any case, the trailer's narrator proclaims the game's out "this October." Also, chances are October 28 is accurate given it's a Tuesday, the traditional day of the week for new releases on Xbox. Nonetheless, we've reached out to publisher Activision to clarify which date is correct, and to see if the date - whichever one it may be - also applies to the upcoming PS3 version. [Update: A PS3 trailer also pins the date for October 28]

By the by, you can check out the trailer's curious take on chivalry below the break.

It was seven years ago the Half-Life 2 total conversion mod Age of Chivalry first took in players with its first-person, weapons-of-yore brawling. One Unreal-Engine-based follow-up and two million sales later, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is charging forth onto consoles for the first time, armed with its 12-player online bloodshed.

As for the price of the console versions, Activision's kept that shielded to date - for reference, the game's $25 on Steam. Also, the publisher's only announced it as a downloadable, so if you go into a retail store asking to buy Chivalry the cashier might look at you a bit funny.
[Image: Activision-Blizzard]
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