Titanfall orders IMC Rising DLC onto Xbox 360 next week

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Titanfall orders IMC Rising DLC onto Xbox 360 next week
Xbox 360 owners of Titanfall have been left waiting for the metal gear of "IMC Rising," but they can get their revengeance next week when the third and final piece of season pass DLC arrives on October 21. Pilots can buy in for $10 or get it as part of the $25 season pass.

IMC Rising, which came to Xbox One and PC last month, includes three extra maps in the form of Backwater, Zone 18 and Sand Trap. Backwater is a mix of open fields, underground grain storage facilities (there's an experience grain joke in there somewhere) and railways up above. Zone 18, meanwhile, is a robotics facility full of passageways to sneak along and rooftops to drop onto. Finally, Sand Trap is a mix of big open areas and tiny little wall-gaps perfect for wall-running and wall-flailing-and-falling-to-your-doom.

[Image: EA]
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