Modder takes a page (and parts) from Sony, creates Playbook 4

Modder Ed Zarick, creator of an Xbox One / laptop hybrid called the "Xbook One" is back at work making this generation of consoles more mobile. This week, he shares with us the "Playbook 4," a combination of Sony's PlayStation 4, custom 3D printed parts and a 22-inch Vizio televsion.

Like the Xbook One, the Playbook 4 is portable, but not entirely so - it still requires a wall outlet for power, so your options on where you can use it are limited. Still, there are plenty of outlets in the world, right? Got an hour to kill between college classes? Playbook 4. Long wait in the doctor's office? Playbook 4.

Wherever you go, we imagine you'll want to take extra special care of it. The system costs roughly $1500, after all (though the price comes down to $1095 plus shipping if you send Zarick your own PS4). To see the system in action, check out Zarick's overview video after the break.

[Image: Ed Zarick]

[Thanks, Ed!]