Apple reportedly wants to lower the price of Beats Music to $5 per month

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Re/Code today adds more color
to a previous report claiming that Apple is hoping to secure a lower monthly rate for its Beats Music app.

According to the report, Apple is urging record labels to agree to a $5 monthly rate for all-you-can-eat streaming, a significant decrease from the somewhat standard $10 fee typically associated with on-demand streaming music services.

The logic of Apple's argument, relayed by people who've heard the pitch secondhand: Apple's best iTunes buyers spend about $60 a year on downloaded music - $5 a month. So if subscription services dropped that low, any download buyers that switched over to the streaming model would generate just as much revenue for the music labels. And, more important, the market of potential subscribers would get much larger.

Meanwhile, Spotify today announced a new family plan wherein family members of current Spotify users can sign up for the service for only $5 per month.
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