Breakfast Topic: Punching the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

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Adam Koebel
October 22nd, 2014
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Breakfast Topic: Punching the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

In nearly 10 years of playing WoW, this was probably the most bizarre thing I've ever come across. I was on the beta leveling realm and I had just used my wormhole generator to get to Northrend so I could check out something in Dalaran (for a WoW Insider post actually). As I was flying there, I spotted something in the corner of my eye I had never seen before. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake. Alive. Its health was going down really slowly. I flew down to investigate and came upon this extraordinary scene.

A completely naked, level 91 troll warlock punching the Time-Lost Proto-Drake to death. Being Alliance, I couldn't ask this person what the heck they were doing, so I just watched it play out. I felt like it would be wrong to one-shot the drake and stop his strange ritual. This troll really seemed to be enjoying himself. I like to think he was doing it for payback over all the hours he camped it on live servers, but who knows for sure. I just know I'll probably never see anything like it again. After the deed was done (several minutes of punching later), he mounted up on his prize and waved at me. And that was that.

What's the most bizarre thing you've ever happened upon while playing WoW?
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