Bitcasa drops its unlimited cloud storage due to underuse (and abuse)

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If you were thinking of milking Bitcasa's unlimited cloud storage for all it's worth, you'd better have an alternative lined up. The company is dropping its signature Infinite storage option after November 15th, in tandem with an upgrade to new infrastructure. You'll have to migrate to a limited tier (such as the new 10TB, $999 per year Pro plan) if you want to keep all your content. Why the sudden clampdown? According to Bitcasa, you probably weren't using it -- only 0.1 percent of its accounts chew through more than 10TB. Moreover, some of those that are consuming that much space are reportedly abusing it at a level which "seems impossible" for any one person. The company hasn't elaborated on what these nogoodniks are doing beyond violating the terms of service, but it's easy to see a company trying to use Bitcasa as a makeshift storage server.

While it makes sense for Bitcasa to cut little-used services that cost a lot of money to run, the transition risks rubbing a lot of Infinite subscribers the wrong way. In addition to forcing users to cut back on cloud storage, there aren't any planned refunds for customers who want to stay -- if you just paid for a year's worth of unlimited capacity, you're probably going to feel shortchanged. It won't be surprising if the company eventually extends an olive branch, but this still means that you'll have to drop dreams of storing all your digital belongings online.

[Thanks, Sean]