Fly Trap has simple objective that traps you into playing

Fly Trap screenshot

Fly Trap follows the popular trend of difficult and addictive, yet simple and intuitive games in the App Store. You're a fly living a harsh life - trapped by the boundaries of your iPhone's display. Above and below are nasty spikes and to the right and left are venus fly trap plants ready to swallow you if you head in their direction. The game is completely free for iPhone and iPad.

If you've heard of the game Don't Touch the Spikes, Fly Trap should feel extremely familiar. The two play almost identically, except Don't Touch the Spikes includes level-ups and in-app purchases for shopping within the game and unlocking new features. While both have mass appeal, Fly Trap reigns pitted against its competitor here because the colorful graphics plus fly and venus fly trap analogy seem more kid-friendly.

Fly Trap is yet another App Store game that probably won't leave you feeling a sense of enjoyment. That's not because it isn't fun - quite the opposite - but because every time you lose you're bound to consider flinging your iPhone or iPad across the room.

As the fly, your job is to bounce back and forth between the left and right borders of the game for as long as possible while avoiding the venus fly traps. The only action required of you is to tap. This makes the fly flutter every so slightly and keep from falling to its death or getting swallowed whole.

Fly Trap screenshot

With every time you bounce from the wall without dying, you gain one point. Keep bouncing to gain those points, but like most games of this nature there's no real way to win. You just try to beat your own score each time, but ultimately Fly Trap always ends with demise. That's the addictive nature of these games.

I can't praise the graphics enough in this game because they're extraordinary. The colors are bright and vibrant and the game design is sophisticated without adding unnecessary bells and whistles. Even the sounds harken back to a title coming out from Nintendo in the 90s.

You get the entire package upon downloading Fly Trap. There's no in-app purchases to make, coins to collect or performance boosts to use. Compared to the multitude of games available with just the opposite, Fly Trap is thoroughly refreshing.

The menu screen displays options for muting or unmuting sound plus a link to the developer's website to view other games. The game also integrates with Game Center and saves your high scores to Leaderboards, accessible via the final icon on the menu screen.

Fly Trap screenshot

Don't Touch the Spikes is great for people with a certain level of experience, but I find that Fly Trap is far more broadly appealing and it's just as fun, even if it's the lesser known title. It's an easy-to-use game that should have you coming back time and time again and it won't require a single penny on your part. Fly Trap is a free, universal app in the App Store.