Apple reverses decision on widget policy, PCalc in the clear

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Mike Wehner
October 30th, 2014
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Apple reverses decision on widget policy, PCalc in the clear
Yesterday, PCalc developer James Thomson revealed on Twitter that his top-rated app had been hit with a request from Apple asking for its widget functionality to be removed. The reason offered -- that a widget can't be allowed to perform any calculations -- seemed a bit strange, but the odd decision was no less heartbreaking for its developer. Today, it seems that PCalc may be allowed to function as its creator intended.

After speaking with an Apple representative, TechCrunch is reporting that calculator widgets will be allowed to remain in the App Store without any changes. It seems that turning a widget into a quick-access calculator wasn't one of the possible uses Apple had dreamt up when it introduced widget functionality, and it seems to have caused a bit of confusion within the App Store review team. Nevertheless, PCalc appears to have been granted a new lease on life, which is great news.
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