NBA 2K15 face scan nightmares are now Halloween masks

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NBA 2K15 face scan nightmares are now Halloween masks
In the market for a last-minute Halloween mask that's both cheap and terrifying? 2K Sports has released a series of print-out masks inspired by NBA 2K15's infamous face-scanning feature -- an ideal finishing touch for that Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume you've been working on.

Ostensibly designed to allow players to map their own faces onto NBA 2K15 players, the face scan feature instead generated sheer horror in the wake of the game's launch earlier this month. The mechanic left many custom-created players with misshapen facial features, multiple sets of eyes, and other uncanny disfigurements.

Instead of locking its unholy creations in the basement, 2K wisely decided to repurpose its barely-human menagerie for Halloween fun. It all makes sense now. See, that character you generated with a tongue sticking out of his neck wasn't a glitch -- he just showed up to the costume party a few weeks early!

[Image: 2K]
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