PS4 sales up to 13.5 million consoles

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PS4 sales up to 13.5 million consoles
Sony reported 309.5 billion yen in sales ($2.77 billion) for its Game and Network Services division for the second quarter, ending September 30. It represents an 83.2 percent improvement year-over-year thanks to the continued success of the company's latest home console, PlayStation 4. Shipments for the PS4 have now reached 13.5 million, as the company moved 3.3 million units during the quarter.

The Games and Network Services division also posted an operating income of 21.8 billion yen ($195 million), a massive increase compared to the 4.8 billion yen ($43 million) reported in the last quarter and the 4.2 billion yen loss ($37.6 million) year-over-year. While the gaming division thrives, Sony itself is in the red, reporting an 85.6 billion yen operating loss ($766 million). The company increased its loss forecast in September due to its struggling smartphone sales.
[Image: Sony]
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