Leaf on the Wind is an engaging and very clever game

I don't do a lot of game reviews because to me they usually are endless variations on a theme. Leaf on the Wind (US$2.99) is a clever exception, and a game I am really enjoying. Leaf on the Wind is a gentle game that involves flicking leaves off a tree to a target off screen that you slowly scroll to. The leaves obey the laws of physics, and you will have to avoid natural hazards like fire, water, wind, and even some man-made obstacles. The pleasant rush of a whistling wind is heard until you hit something and end that level. There is also a pleasing guitar background.

The game is challenging without ever becoming silly. It's sort of an adventure, sort of a puzzle, and there is clear goal-seeking. The graphics are very nice and it plays as a nicely integrated package. There are 30 levels, and so far I've been through four, so there is lots of play left, and starting again would also be a good challenge and not repetitive.

There is a trailer for the game on the Pangeasoft site. I do like this game. It shows a lot of fresh thought, and it doesn't involve murder and mayhem, although depending on my mood, that's OK sometimes too.

I don't want to spoil too much of what the game offers, but suffice to say you're likely to enjoy it if you crave something different.

The game is universal, and it's ready to accommodate the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 series. Leaf on the Wind requires iOS 8.