Trials Fusion gets eight-racer multiplayer by the end of the year

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Trials Fusion gets eight-racer multiplayer by the end of the year
Ubisoft detailed a coming improvement to its motorcycle racer Trials Fusion this week, a new online multiplayer mode. At the game's launch in April, it included four-player local competitions, which our review of the game deemed "halfhearted." Developer RedLynx will provide a free update that adds support for races between eight players online by the end of the year.

A recent Ubisoft blog post discussed the shortcomings of previous multiplayer efforts in Trials Fusion and Trials Evolution, stressing that the new mode places racers in the foreground at all times so that opponents are "never in your way." The developer plans on issuing a beta test of the multiplayer mode on PC as well, but has not indicated when the testing phase will begin. Since the game's launch, it has received three pieces of downloadable content with additional tracks, challenges and track editor objects, the most recent being October's Welcome to the Abyss pack.
[Image: Ubisoft]
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