iPads are mandatory at Newark Liberty International Airport

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Mike Wehner
November 7th, 2014
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iPads are mandatory at Newark Liberty International Airport
If you're flying out of New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport anytime soon, you might find yourself using an iPad to order everything from magazines to a cold bottle of beer. Actually, if you're flying from the United terminal it sounds like you won't actually have much choice in the matter, as Apple's tablets will be part of a $120 million upgrade designed to add some flair to one of the nation's least punctual airports.

Bloomberg reports that the terminal's iPad makeover will allow flyers to place and pay for orders using the tablets, even if they don't necessarily want to. The article even quotes one flyer as saying that he was told he had to use an iPad to place his order for a brewski despite wanting to order the old fashioned way, and that the service felt slower because of it. For an airport that is constantly ranked near the top in delayed flights, slow service is probably not a great addition.

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