Bomberman hoards powerups on iOS, Android in Japan

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Bomberman hoards powerups on iOS, Android in Japan
It's been a while since Bomberman's last console appearance, but at least our favorite grid-trodding explosives enthusiast is blowing his friends to bits once more in Japan. The simply-titled Bomerman has appeared in Japan's Google Play and App Store courtesy of Konami, the publisher that acquired now-defunct Bomberman series developer Hudson in 2012.

According to Siliconera's translation, Bomberman doesn't bother with a story mode, instead offering classically-styled competitive modes. Single Battle pits your wits against CPU-controlled opponents, while Battle With Everyone lets up to four friends rediscover how much they despise each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Bomber Coliseum plays like a time attack mode, where players face off against CPUs and unlock "boss characters" by defeating them.

Konami's Bomerman is free, but both store listings mention the presence of in-app purchases. Konami has yet to share any plans to release Bomberman in regions beyond Japan.
[Image: Konami]
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