Aion EU community report talks transfers, mergers, and more

Gameforge has posted the latest community report for Aion EU, touching on the subjects of server transfers, the recently failed maintenance, update 4.7.1, changes in the veteran reward levels, and more. The post also addresses the rumors of server merges. In a nutshell, the information is as follows:

  • Transfers are not forgotten but on the back burner until other projects and balancing issues are taken care of first.

  • Winter maintenance failed because a server update from NCsoft interfered with the automated time switch and broke the system undetected; it has since been fixed!

  • Update 4.7.1is being polished and translated, and the test client is expected around December or January.

  • Server mergers are not on the imminent horizon -- populations are still just being observed; that being said, a Rookie/Union server merge is under consideration but as of yet still undecided.

  • Recent measures are showing initial improvement in balance, but the situation will continue to be monitored before any more measures are implemented.

  • The Veteran reward system changes affect veteran levels 31-40, and there's a list of the new rewards.