Nintendo UK launches digital magazine, Nintendo Extra

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Nintendo UK launches digital magazine, Nintendo Extra
Nintendo fans in the UK may have lost their ability to peruse Nintendo-related news and features via the printed page when the Official Nintendo Magazine shut down last month, but now there's a digital magazine to take its place. Dubbed "Nintendo Extra," this new branch of the Nintendo UK site features articles based on several key company franchises, including Pokemon, Mario Kart, Pikmin and The Legend of Zelda.

Before you get too carried away however, most of the content included in this first issue of Nintendo Extra is quite short, and few articles amount to more than advertisements for their respective game. There is some noteworthy content however, including tips on getting the best time in Mario Kart 8 and an interview with Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma (though the questions - such as "Who are Link and Zelda?" - aren't exactly what you'd call "hard-hitting").

So maybe "digital magazine" isn't quite the way to describe Nintendo Extra - perhaps "digital pamphlet" or "brochure" might be better. But hey, a digital whatever-it-is is better than nothing, right?
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