South Park goes tripping on the Oculus Rift

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S. Prell
November 17th, 2014
South Park goes tripping on the Oculus Rift
South Park's latest season definitely seems to be taking a turn for the nerdy. Last week, Matt Stone, Trey Parker and crew lambasted freemium games that use shady business practices to make players spend more money. This week, South Park showed us a world where the Oculus Rift - a device that up to now has been primarily used for virtual reality gaming - is just a little too good of a device.

Without spoiling too much, one of the boys has an Oculus Rift to show off to the group, and it isn't long before things spiral out of control (as they often do in the South Park universe). Watch the episode for yourself and ponder what diving into VR will really cost.
[Image: Comedy Central]
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