Path now lets you text UK businesses instead of calling

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In another step towards ultimate convenience, Path has updated its messaging app so you can call local businesses with just a simple text. Originally tied to the US, the Places feature in Path Talk has come to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, letting you make specific queries without ever dialling a number. Want to buy a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on your way home from work? You can now text a nearby store to see if they have stock. Need to book a haircut for this afternoon? Send a message before you duck into the Tube and have an appointment scheduled by the time you re-emerge.

To scout for businesses, just launch the app and tap on the Places tab. You'll see a map and list of suggested retailers, or you can try your luck by searching for something more specific. Path's secret sauce is a small army of "agents," which field the text messages and make the calls for you. It's woefully inefficient from a big picture perspective, but for Path Talk users it's an effortless way to get the little things done.

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