New weapons join Sunset Overdrive in action hit's first DLC

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Now that players have had just under a month to explore Insomniac Games' vibrant open-world action hit Sunset Overdrive, the developers are rolling out new toys for fans to play with, specifically new weapons and a big (if temporary) boost to multiplayer rewards.

The first Sunset Overdrive weapons pack is now available for $5 (no charge for Season Pass holders) and includes four new guns. The Plague Bomb is exactly what it sounds like: Once detonated, the bomb spreads a virulent disease that will cause affected enemies to vomit until they explode. If that's not violent enough for you, try the Rager, which sends enemies into a murderous rage. It doesn't kill your foes directly, but they will turn on each other and fight to the death, at which point they, too, will explode.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Shield Buddy, a device that creates a protective shield for your character and any nearby allies. In keeping with the DLC's unspoken theme, the Shield Buddy also drops bombs which will explode any enemies caught in the blast. Finally, the DLC introduces the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher. Not only does this thing cause your enemies to explode, it homes in on and explodes up to eight targets simultaneously.

To celebrate these new armaments, Insomniac is also tweaking the game's online Chaos Squad multiplayer mode. From now until December 2, not only will Overcharge cans drops at 27.9 times the normal rate, but the elusive Propain Launcher will also appear more frequently.
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Sunset Overdrive Introduces Player Voting, Weapons Pack, Soundtrack Release and More

LONDON – 25th November, 2014: Today, Insomniac Games and Microsoft shared a series of announcements to fire up Sunset Overdrive fans.

Vote Now or Die Hard (then Respawn)
Sunset Overdrive is packed with tons of outfits and explosive weapons, but Insomniac wants you to help decide some of the exciting content updates and changes on a regular basis. Every other week, you'll be able to vote on new outfits and game-changes through a new online Player Voting feature that will help shape the community's experience.

The first Player Vote features a choice between Buck National and Floyd, and you can start voting now for the next two weeks in Sunset TV. The results of the vote will be available in two weeks. The winning character will have their outfit given to players as a free preset and will be prominently featured in the second story-based add-on content (releasing in 2015).

Stay tuned to Sunset TV and Insomniac Games' Facebook, Twitter and forums for information on the new Player Voting feature and upcoming content.

Don't Bring a Knife to a Propain Launcher Fight
For a limited time, the elusive and fabled Propain Launcher will be more frequently awarded to players starting today. Jump into Chaos Squad now until 04:59 a.m. GMT Tuesday, 2nd December for a chance to take advantage of the increased drop frequency.

Even More Insane Weapons!
Sunset Overdrive has a lot of weapons, but anyone who's encountered a horde of OD will agree that there's no such thing as too many weapons in a mutant apocalypse. With the first Sunset Overdrive downloadable Weapons Pack, you can beef up your arsenal with four new weapons and obtain more strategic options for creative mayhem and destruction.

The four weapons included in the weapons pack are:
Plague Bomb – Instantly intoxicate enemies in the area with this weapon. Enemies hit with the Plague Bomb will start vomiting, take damage over time and explode when killed. Plus, enemies affected by the Plague Bomb can spread the disease to others!
Rager – Releases a confusion-inducing cloud which causes enemies to attack each other in a fit of rage. And yes, they also explode when killed.
Shield Buddy – Activates a shield that protects you and your friends but also deploys bombs that will decimate your foes. No need to choose between offence and defence when you can have both with the Shield Buddy.
Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher – The most literal of the weapons included in the pack, the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher does exactly that and locks on up to eight targets. Release the trigger and send a legion of homing rockets at your enemies.

See the insanity in action with the archived footage from yesterday's All Star Insomniac Games team livestream which showcased the chaos that these four brand new weapons can cause in Sunset City!

The weapons pack is free with the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass, or available for separate purchase for £3.99.

Get Lost in the Music
If you want to inject a little more Sunset Overdrive into your life but don't think it's physically possible to zipline on power cables, bounce off the top of cars and rail grind along the edges of buildings – then the Best of Sunset Overdrive Music soundtrack is for you! Releasing today on iTunes, Spotify and other digital distribution platforms, the soundtrack features 18 tracks by bands such as Boats!, Dan Sartain, Bass Drum of Death, Meat Market, Cheap Time, and Brenna Red.

The Sunset Overdrive soundtrack was custom created for the game and you can only find these songs on the official soundtrack.

I Can Haz OverCharge?
Need more OverCharge for the upgrade you crave? Starting today until 04:59 a.m. GMT Tuesday, 2nd December you can earn 27.9 times more OverCharge while playing Chaos Squad, so put on your wolf mask, grab your Flaming Compensator and join with up to seven other players online for some multiplayer fun.
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