Three kicks off same-day smartphone deliveries in London

Christmas is coming, and that might mean it's time to treat yourself or a loved-one to a phone upgrade. To get customers signing on with Three, the UK network has begun trialling a same-day delivery service in London, removing the need to walk into a store or wait around for an online order. Next-day deliveries are notoriously expensive but, similar to Amazon and Argos, Three hopes to stand apart with even faster shipments. The offer is restricted to "selected postcodes" and only covers the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, so the chances of you using it are probably pretty slim. Although you can check online to see if your address is eligible, Three requires that you call between 7AM and 3PM to actually complete an order. If approved, you'll be charged £15 for the privilege and should have a shiny new smartphone sitting on your doorstep before 6PM. Of course, if the trial is successful, there's always a chance Three will expand it to new areas and handsets, eradicating gadget lust for those of us just too busy (or lazy) to venture into town and speak to a rep.