Play original Game Boy games via HDMI with hdmyboy

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Thomas Schulenberg
November 30th, 2014
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Play original Game Boy games via HDMI with hdmyboy

A few Game Boy games still stand as enjoyable classics, but hunching over the original handheld can get uncomfortable. Sure, additional options exist in the Super Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, back-lit GBA SP or the GameCube's Game Boy Player, but the draw of using the original Game Boy can be a fun novelty. Brothers Zane Amiralis and Joshua de Haan plan to expand on that with hdmyboy, a piece of hardware that outputs 1080p (or 720p) HDMI visuals when sandwiched between a Game Boy's top and bottom halves.

The hdmyboy is removable and doesn't irreversibly alter a Game Boy, but when it's installed, users can either play using the handheld's buttons or a modified NES controller. The project's Kickstarter page notes that "lots of colour palettes" will be offered, so you won't have to see the world through a green-tinted screen if you don't want to. This project is focused on the original Game Boy however – any variant from the Game Boy family other than the 1989 DMG-01 model is not compatible with hdmyboy.

Should the project reach its €65,000 funding goal, the final version will be available in 2015. If you already have a Game Boy, early purchases of the hdmyboy can be made by backing the project for €115 ($143), or €125 ($156) if you'd also like an NES replica controller. Those that contribute €350 ($436) will receive a Game Boy and a pre-installed prototype hdmyboy right away in addition to the eventual final build, but whichever funding tier you choose, worldwide shipping is available.
[Image: Zane Amiralis/Joshua de Haan]
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