Report: 3DS XL on the way out in Japan

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Report: 3DS XL on the way out in Japan
The super-size 3DS XL is about to be downsized in Japan, at least according to new details spotted on Nintendo's website. As Siliconera reports, Nintendo's 3DS site lists "ending production soon" notices for the seven XL colors available in the country. Nintendo's not announced anything formally, but it does seem the XL will soon be an ex-device in Japan

While Nintendo's notices indicate the regular 3DS is to remain in production, the company's gaze looks to be shifting to the New 3DS. Both the XL and regular versions of the enhanced handheld continue to top Japan's sales charts, and according to data tracker Media Create they're matching the strong initial pace of the DSi, itself an iteration of the DS. Media Create estimates the New 3DS, which launched in Japan back in October, will reach 1.2 million sales by the end of 2014.

Of course, there's no similar news of XL discontinuation for North America or Europe, where the New 3DS is still waiting on release dates.

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