Step into Alien: Isolation's 'Trauma' center in second DLC

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Step into Alien: Isolation's 'Trauma' center in second DLC
Alien: Isolation's second survivor mode pack is now available to download. Dubbed "Trauma," the add-on introduces Sevastopol's medical officer, Dr. Lingard, as a playable character. Lingard explores three new maps in the game while seeking to destroy her research on the Alien, witnessing the consequences of bringing the creature onboard the station. The DLC is now available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC with PS3 and PS4 downloads opening to PlayStation owners tomorrow in Europe and Thursday in North America.

Trauma is one of five Survivor Mode add-ons for Alien: Isolation, the first being Corporate Lockdown, which launched in October. The next three pieces of DLC for the mode are Safe Haven, Lost Contact and The Trigger. All five packs are part of the game's $30 season pass, which happens to be half-off on Steam today along with the game itself ($25). Each pack is available for purchase individually for $8.
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