Xbox One gets cozy with Threes and Limbo this week

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Xbox One gets cozy with Threes and Limbo this week
Xbox One welcomes all moods on December 5 with Limbo and Threes, the next two ID@Xbox entries. Microsoft gifted early Xbox One adopters with Playdead's monochrome misadventure last month, but everyone can purchase the platformer starting Friday. As for numeric puzzler Threes, you can flirt with its figures on the big screen for $7, also on Friday.

Limbo is dark, disturbing and more than a bit hostile, but it still earned the full five stars in our 2010 review. If you're after something perkier, Threes combines an esoteric brand of tile-matching with the jazzy, bubbly atmosphere of a lounge party. That may sound like a bizarre mixture, so it's worth reading our Portabliss column to see just why it intoxicated us.
For Europeans who want to exercise muscles apart from their brains, Boom Ball Kinect is also releasing outside the Americas on Friday, December 5 for £8/10 euros. It comes from Kung-Fu Live and Kung-Fu High Impact dev Virtual Air Guitar, and it combines tennis-like gestures with colorful Breakout-style block-sploding. If that sounds like your cup of motion control, it's already out in North America, priced at $10.

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