Microsoft issues apology over late XBLIG payments

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Microsoft issues apology over late XBLIG payments
Microsoft has addressed late payment concerns raised by developers enrolled in the Xbox Live Indie Games program, and the company is "working hard" to pay affected studios by the end of the month.

"Due to a technical issue in our payment system, we recently learned that some payments to select developers in the Xbox Live Indie Games program on Xbox 360 were delayed," Microsoft's statement reads. "Our partners are important to us and we work hard to help make sure they have a great development experience. This was an unfortunate error and we are working hard to fix it. We apologize for this incident and anticipate developers will receive payments within the next two weeks."

Bleed developer BootDisk Revolution, Trailer Park King creator Freelance Games, and other studios have previously spoken out regarding the issue. Speaking to Gamasutra, Charlie Murder developer James Silva notes that Microsoft has been "way later in the past" with regard to XBLIG revenue payouts.

Launched in 2008, the community-driven Xbox Live Indie Games service presents a lower barrier to entry than traditional Xbox Live Arcade and retail game releases. To date, more than 3,000 games have launched for the program, including standouts like The Impossible Game, CastleMiner Z, and Protect Me Knight.

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