PvE, full caves hit Landmark December 15th

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.04.14

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PvE, full caves hit Landmark December 15th
In two weeks, Landmark fans will celebrate the holidays early by indulging in a content feast! On Monday, December 15th, the sandbox will get a meaty update that includes something players have craved all year: PvE! Creative Director Dave Georgeson and Senior Producer Terry Michaels announced the upcoming content extravaganza during Wednesday's Landmark Live stream. But mobs are not the only addition on the way; Georgeson went so far as to call last August's huge PvP content patch small in comparison. Along with the PvE, the December 15th patch brings the rest of the cave system (meaning all islands will now be tiered down to the core), graveyards for player resurrection (a must for when mobs chew your face off), claim vendors, and more.

Sound too good to miss? If you want to jump in and check these new features out, send an email to mj@massively.com for a seven-day beta key!
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