This is what a 12-story fall will do to your iPhone 6

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Mike Wehner
December 4th, 2014
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This is what a 12-story fall will do to your iPhone 6
iphone 6
Aside from the first week torture test videos that always accompany the release of a new iPhone, it's rare that we get to see one of Apple's smartphones undergo the type of real-world durability trial that a fall from a tall building can offer. That's exactly what happened to the poor iPhone 6 seen here, as is owner claims it took a tumble of 12 stories before meeting its untimely end.

Surprisingly, aside from the absolutely destroyed display and massive bend and dent on the corner that, one would assume, took the brunt of the impact, the rest of the phone is still very much intact. All the insides appear to be in their configuration, so there is likely a good portion of this poor soul which can still be salvaged as parts.
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