Super Stardust Ultra bringing new modes, planets to PS4

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Super Stardust Ultra bringing new modes, planets to PS4
Super Stardust Ultra, an upgrade of Resogun developer Housemarque's original 2007 release known as Super Stardust HD, will bring the twin-stick shooter's fast-paced, spherical battlegrounds to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015 for $12.99. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Super Stardust Ultra will offer new planets, new game modes and visual upgrades, as well as an Interactive Streaming mode that lets viewers "vote periodically to change up your gameplay."

High score rivalries can run rampant via leaderboards, but players will also be able to send challenges directly to their friends. Should things get heated, Ultra can host splitscreen battles for up to four players, and once you're done sacrificing a friendship for points, you can try mending things in the returning co-op mode.

Just remember: Bragging rights are highly effective at instantly dissolving truces.
[Image: XDEV, D3T]
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