Driveclub patch restores challenge functionality, rain forecast for tomorrow

Evolution Studios has issued another patch for its socially-focused racer, Driveclub. A post to the game's official Facebook page states the update has "made major improvements to online play," adding that racers should "now see that challenges are back up and running for everybody." Joystiq's Sunday morning test drive was indeed populated with functional community challenges, allowing clubs and friends to take on rivals in track and time-based trials once more.

A second patch is scheduled to launch tomorrow, and while the full details regarding its effects will be held until then, a video within the related Facebook post offers a glimpse of a rain-slicked drive.

Despite improvements, the team is still working to "reach the capacity levels" needed to support Driveclub's companion app and a PlayStation Plus version. The latest updates continue a string of patches trailing from Driveclub's launch, which have been persistent enough for Evolution Studios to offer up two DLC packs to fans to make up for their troubles.

[Image: Evolution Studios]