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Project SkyLight introduces themed PS4 faceplates

Project SkyLight introduces themed PS4 faceplates
Thomas Schulenberg
Thomas Schulenberg|@T_Schulenberg|December 7, 2014 10:30 AM
If you didn't manage to snatch up one of the 20th anniversary PS4s that went on sale yesterday, Project SkyLight can help your PS4 stand out from the crowd. A PlayStation Blog post explains that Project SkyLight will involve the arrival of hard drive faceplates, with designs featuring LittleBigPlanet 3 and The Order: 1886 kicking off the initiative.

Both faceplates are currently available for $24.99 apiece through Sony's online store, but if you'd prefer to hold out for a different theme, the related post notes plans to launch additional designs "in the near future." Project SkyLight also involves plans for "a few other fun enhancements," with further details said to be shared "soon."

If either of the announced faceplates pique your interest, consider making your purchase sooner rather than later: faceplates are being offered in "very small quantities," and considering how quickly PlayStation fans can deplete limited stock, Project SkyLight's original pieces could go quickly.
[Image: PlayStation]
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Project SkyLight introduces themed PS4 faceplates