Alien: Isolation adds difficulty modes for two extremes

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Alien: Isolation adds difficulty modes for two extremes
Do you like Alien: Isolation but wish the xenomorph was hard of hearing? Or maybe you found Creative Assembly's survival horror such a breeze that you could've beaten it with a busted motion tracker? Sure, you can already choose from Easy, Normal and Hard modes, but what if you're hiding in a vent sitting on the extremities of the star-ship Bell Curve?

If any of the above applies to you, you should check out today's update which adds Novice and Nightmare difficulty modes to the game for free.
On the tougher side of the spectrum, Nightmare promises an "ultimate alien" that's more aggressive and adapts quicker. That busted motion tracker thing? Not a joke. According to the dev, in Nightmare the signal's wonky and its info is "unreliable." Add in several other tweaks including faster-burning flamethrower fuel that's harder to find - a personal bugbear as I found the flamethrower a bit of a Get Out of Jail Free card - and Nightmare sounds great for the badassiest Ripleys.

In stark contrast, Novice mode offers a slower, less adaptive and more attention-deficit xenomorph that sounds much easier to hide from. Creatvie Assembly adds that combat in general is less of an ordeal - that includes those SOB androids - while Sevastopol is much more plentiful for resource hoarders.

For more specifics on the two modes, point your motion tracker in this direction.
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