HEX releases Shattered Destiny card set

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.10.14

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HEX releases Shattered Destiny card set
Hearthstone isn't the only online card game that's getting an expansion this week; HEX launched its Shattered Destiny set today, vastly expanding the MMOTCG's play potential.

Shattered Destiny, HEX's second set, comes with 200 new cards, five additional heroes, dual-shard cards, dual-socketing, and fun abilities such as tunneling, lethal damage, and skyguard defense. To celebrate the release, HEX is awarding two exclusive alternate-art cards to players who partake in Shattered Destiny-only tournaments this weekend.

Whether you're playing or merely interested in what's been added, you can read both the patch notes and the card list for this update.
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