Find out how you measure up with the Official Navy SEAL app

Official Navy SEAL Training app screenshots

So you think you are in good shape? You run a couple of miles three or four times a week and put in a few hours in the gym doing weight work every couple of days. Well you can now find out just what kind of shape you are in with the Official Navy SEAL Training app. It is a free universal app that runs on iOS 6.0 or later and will offer users the ultimate fitness challenge.

The app lays out what levels SEAL candidates must achieve before they are even accepted into the SEAL program for actual training. You will find the same Physical Screening Test SEAL candidates must complete and be able to attempt to finish it to find out how you measure up.

Official Navy SEAL Training app screenshots

To successfully complete the screening so you can move forward you must swim 500 yards using the breast or side stroke in no longer than 12:30, then after resting for ten minutes do a set of at least 50 push-up in two minutes or less, take a two minute break and do at least 50 curl-ups again in less than two minutes. This is followed by doing a minimum of ten pull-ups again in less than two minutes, and then finish the test by running a mile and a half in under 10:30.

Those are just the minimum standards. For example the optimum number of push-ups is 90 and the time for the mile and a half run is 8:30.

Official Navy SEAL Training app screenshots

Users can set goals for themselves in each of the challenges. The developers compiled test results from 300 actual SEAL candidates that did well during the testing. Once you set your goals you will see how you measure up against actual USN personnel. The lower the number the better you are doing in the test.

Now that you have set your goals, it is time for you to try and complete the test. The Official Navy SEAL Training app provides a countdown and stop watch so you can begin the series of difficult physical activities. As you progress you can record your times and the number of reps you were able to complete within the time limits. Then you can compare those against your goals and the actual SEAL candidates to find out just how high your level of fitness is.

Official Navy SEAL Training app screenshots

In addition, this app provides links to web pages detailing the entire process that one goes through to become a SEAL, training videos, access to SEAL guides covering topics like nutrition, physical training, warfare injury prevention, and a wealth of other topics plus access to the official SEAL training forum.

So now is the time to see if you have what it takes. Find out how you measure up and download The Official Navy Seal Training app.