More news on Xbox One's Windows 10 update arrives in January

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More news on Xbox One's Windows 10 update arrives in January
In September, Microsoft revealed that core components of the Windows 10 operating system would be added to the Xbox One in a 2015 update, though scant further information was available. According to Xbox division head Phil Spencer, all the crucial details are coming in January.

The goal of this cross-platform integration is user convenience. By including features of the Windows 10 operating system in the Xbox One, Microsoft makes things much easier for developers looking to port their games from one device to another, say from the PC to the Xbox One, or from the Xbox One to a Windows Phone device. In a world where people can easily own half a dozen gaming devices, this is a very attractive feature, especially to smaller developers who lack massive budgets.

Spencer will appear at a Microsoft event at the computing giant's Redmond, Washington campus on January 21 to lay out his course of action. If you can't make it to the Pacific Northwest, you'll be able to watch a live stream of the event. Details on when and where you'll find that stream are reportedly coming soon.
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