Did You Know Gaming explores Pokemon's complicated religious relationship

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Did You Know Gaming explores Pokemon's complicated religious relationship

There are a few universal truths in the world of Pokemon: Water-type beats Fire-type, gods can be tamed by 10-year olds, and battles between citizens can be sparked by something as small as walking into one another's line of sight. Actually, that last point is particularly poignant given the nature of the latest video from Did You Know Gaming, which explores one of the more sour aspects of the relationship between Pokemon games and real-world religions.

The good news is that, despite some troubling proclamations, pretty much every claim of Pokemon being anti-religion (or anti- a specific religious belief) has been debunked, sometimes from within the religious community in question. Even a television station run by the Vatican said that the series did not have "any harmful moral side effects" and was instead based on "ties of intense friendship."

Not all of this episode is negative, though. Pokemon have long been inspired by religious and spiritual stories and symbols, such as the lightning bolts on Kadabra's abdomen and the designs of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. And then of course there was that time that Pokemon created its own quasi-religion, an event curiously absent from the video above.

And that's when the world learned its lesson, and no one overreacted or condemned something unjustly ever again. Ever.
[Image: Nintendo/DYK Gaming]
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