Save the cheerleader later, watch Until Dawn's PSX demo now

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Save the cheerleader later, watch Until Dawn's PSX demo now
When Sony debuted a new Until Dawn sequence at PlayStation Experience, the whole thing took on the surreal feel of a game show. As Supermassive's Pete Samuels walked through the choices in the teen horror game, the crowd yelled out their votes for what he should do next. It was almost like if he didn't hide under the bed, he'd miss out on the golden ticket and the chance to win $100,000 in pet food.

As shown by the full, crowd-less gameplay demo below the break, Until Dawn speaks to very familiar horror film tropes. In the video, Hayden Panettiere's character runs around a dark cabin in a towel, while a masked, blood-soaked assailant chases her. She also encounters a deep, distorted voice booming over a speaker, and the odd bit of gruesomeness to unsettle the squeamish. If that sounds NSFW and/or spoiler-y to you, consider yourself warned.

Now, couple all that with timed choices which, according to reports, can branch out to more than a 1000 different endings. It's no wonder the PSX crowd yelled in hopes of affecting the gameplay, much like an audience screams at campy horrors to make the cheerleader just turn around and see the scythe-wielding were-zombie gardener. Who's her ex-boyfriend.

Talking of cheerleaders, PS4 owners will be able to save Panettiere and the other virtual stars when Until Dawn hits in 2015. For more on Supermassive's rebooted horror, have a gander at our recent hands-on experiences, courtesy of Anthony Agnello and myself.
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Save the cheerleader later, watch Until Dawn's PSX demo now